This affordable range, consisting of pieces suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, combines cutting edge textures and finishes in a selection of materials to bring you a variety of on trend in demand pieces for your home and garden.

Flying Pig Cover Page

ee-i-ee-i-o – Farmyard

This is where the range began! It is an eclectic range of handmade sculptures that is full of fun and character. 100% derived from 44 Gallon drums it gives a fresh new look to recycling. “I am fun loving and carefree, I am designed to withstand the elements. I will weather and age in style as all of us should! Enjoy me…”

ee-i-ee-i-o Domestic Animals Collection

ee-i-ee-i-o – Sculpture

A natural progression from the farmyard to the home. The Dogs and Cats bring an extra level of detail to the ee-i-ee-i-o collections and find pride of place in a variety of places inside and outside the home.

ee-i-ee-i-o Functional

ee-i-ee-i-o Functional

The functional range has everything the house hold and garden desires ! Derived from 100% 44 gallon drums, these uniquely handmade products range from colourful coolers, bins and even mailboxes unlike any other !



A merry bunch of garden sculptures handmade from new or up-cycled steel where ever possible.
“I am very durable and love to live either inside or outside. Yes I will show signs of ageing over a period of time but this only makes me look even more handsome”



These funky emotives are fully functional and a great small gift idea! Think Outside’s new phone holders come in 6 different characters and hold almost any smart phone securely in their hands and feet. Whether you’re watching a movie or messaging away or skyping your friend, place them on your desk, kitchen bench or bedside table and let the emotive do all the work. Select characters are also available in pencil holders; they’re the perfect piece to dress your desk!



Ancient Asian statues crafted in reconstituted sandstone and resin from authentic originals. Inserted in the rear of each sculpture is a traditional XU (Coin). This range will bring beauty and serenity to both the inside or outside of your home.

ee-i-ee-i-o Furniture Collection

ee-i-ee-i-o – Furniture

With there being such a strong following with Aaron’s unique style and use of recycled drums, adding furniture to the range was almost a necessity to keep the followers of this range happy. From lounging about to dining with friends ee-i-ee-i-o has you covered.

Bob Outdoor Furniture Collection

BOB – Outdoor Furniture

Bold Design
Outdoor Living made Easy
Break Free from Tradition

This exciting and quirky wooden furniture collection called BOB is a well priced range of tables and stools made from recycled industrial cable spindles. Entertaining is always more fun when you have BOB in your life.

Cast Irons Bowls, Fire pits & Fountains Collection

Cast Iron – Bowls, Fire pits & Fountains

The most versatile bowl which exudes style. Fill it with water and Lilies, use it as a fire pit in winter, fill it with ice for parties. Or have the ultimate fountain which is total class.

My Peice of Africa

My Piece of Africa – art

This range of wall art has been inspired by Aaron’s extensive travel throughout Africa and various other destinations throughout the world. There is a wide range of styles from realistic pieces to creative representations of a variety of flora and fauna.

Suitable for both inside or outside locations.

My Piece of Africa Artistic Series Collection

My Piece of Africa – Artistic Series

If you would like the ultimate Garden Sculpture for that special place. The impact achieved by the detail in these life size sculpture’s needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.


My Piece of Africa – Middle Kingdom

Inspired by Fairies and other worldly beings. The emotion and detail in the Middle Kingdom Pieces is amazing. This is a truly unique collection that make fantastic gifts.

My Piece of Africa - Exotic Birds and Animals Collection

My Piece of Africa – Exotic Birds & Animals

This range of sculptures has been inspired by Aaron’s extensive travel throughout Africa & various other destinations around the world. There is a wide range of styles from realistic pieces to creative representations of a variety of Flora and Fauna.


Industrial Series – Outdoor Furniture

Used extensively commercially and residentially if it is an industrial aesthetic you are after this range is hard to surpass for quality and style

District Eight Designs - Fine Furniture Collection

District Eight Designs – Fine Furniture collection

The principal of District Eight is to strive to create modern furniture and sculptures that enhance their vintage industrial aesthetic.The range was created using materials such as recycled cast iron weaving looms, vintage drill presses, machine parts and salvaged local hardwoods.Raw materials, natural patinas, solid wood and cast-iron provide the basis for a furniture line that is finished with custom exposed hardware and beautiful new and reclaimed hardwoods. The latest line of furniture aimed at consumers who appreciate a vintage industrial aesthetic but are unable to spend the time sourcing original antiques or other architecturally significant elements.

Pop Art Collection

Pop Art

Aaron’s Inspiration: I wanted to take a new direction with this décor range, using different materials and different construction methods. Like previous ranges I wanted to surprise people and push the envelope a little.
Starting with galvanised sheet and a rivet gun (known as a pop rivet gun) I got started. I wasn’t far into my design process when I was thinking about finishes and styling when I thought of the 1950’s boom in the art scene known as Pop Art, which I love. It was the perfect match pop riveted sculpture with an overlying theme from the Pop Art era.


Glass Jars

These terrariums can be used for almost anything. Place your flora, liquids or minerals within these jars and create a beautiful stand out piece within your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or possibly even your garden!