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Our History

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The business was founded by Aaron Jackson, a jeweller and artist by profession, on one of his many trips through Africa searching for diamonds. On these trips he found something equally as precious, the natural talent of the African people. With this in mind, the range My Piece of Africa was born.

Driven by a number of factors, the two main ones being the desire to expand our product range into other areas of indoor/outdoor products combined with the constant decline of Zimbabwe’s political and economic situation, we started looking for a new location to expand our operations. Aaron wanted to find somewhere that fitted the same model as the Africa business, that was economically stable, training unskilled or limited skilled people into roles that will give them skills to have earning potential for the rest of their lives. Hence benefiting them and the community around them.

Taking all of these factors on board, Aaron opened up a new workshop in Vietnam. It fit the model perfectly, with a stable economic environment, with still very much a village mentality and style of living outside the major cities.

Our Vietnam workshop has now grown from strength to strength. We have been there for 6 years and expanded 3 times. We now operate out of three buildings and have over 300 staff and still growing!

We have expanded our ranges to include the now famous ee-i-ee-i-o range, BOB furniture, Tubefolk and more…..