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Our Team

aaronAaron Jackson – CEO the Commander in Chief of Think Outside

Aaron is always leading the company from the front and is never afraid of any challenge that may be presented to him. He is the designer, the ideas man. Always creating and developing the forward thinking products we are renowned for. Aaron has made a not just a difference to our industry, but he has made more of a difference in the lives of his employees in Africa, Vietnam, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.


Meet Our Agencies

Bpa Sales – MN, WI, ND,SD


Website: www.bpasales.com
Office Phone: 800-355-3115
Fax: 952-426-0231
Email: showroom@bpasales.com

Darrah & Company – AL, MS, KY, NC, SC, GA, TN, FL, VA


Website: www.darrahreps.com
Office Phone:800 741-6614
Fax: 800 373-6184
Email: lcampbell@darrahreps.com

DGA Trendsetters – WA, OR, AK, ID


Website: www.dgatrendsetters.com
Office Phone:503-434-0801
Fax: 888-302-0547
Email: DGATrendsetters@frontier.com

Earthworkers Emporium – CO, UT, MT, WY


Office Phone:970-242-7300
Cell phone:970-260-7003
Fax: 970-242-7167
Email: julie.earthworkers@gmail.com

GM & Associates – OH & MI


Website: www.gmandassociatesllc.com
Office Phone:419-367-9035
Fax: 419-882-6808
Email: gmatheny4@gmail.com

Meyers Sales & Marketing – IL & IN


Website: www.meyerssalesmarketing.com
Office Phone:317-879-9210
Cell Phone:317-508 -9210
Fax: 800-579-5727
Email: michael@meyerssales.com

Next Step Reps – CA, NV, HI, AZ, NM


Website: www.nextstepreps.com
Office Phone:760-731-7445
Fax: 760-400-4488
Email: info@nextstepreps.com

Philip David Company – NY, NJ, eastern PA, MD, DE, DC


Website: www.philipdavidcompany.com
Office Phone:609-588-0141
Fax: 609-890-8560
Email: PhilipDavid@msn.com

Pray Associates – MO, IA, NE, KS


Website: www.prayassociates.gift
Office Phone:800-355-3115
Fax: 952-426-0231
Email: info@bpasales.com

Seward Associates – MA, NH, ME, VT, CT, RI


Website: www.sewardassoc.com
Office Phone:978-670-9870
Fax: 978-670-9871
Email: carolseward@sewardassoc.com

Western Reps – TX, OK, AR, LA


Website: www.westernreps.com
Office Phone: 214-741-7626
Fax: 877-828-8389
Email: showroom@westernreps.com