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Everyone knows good merchandising is key to showcasing new products to customers. Here are our team’s top tips to draw attention to your Think Outside products so they fly out the door:

1. Update and refresh

Keep your key merchandising areas refreshed on a regular basis, we recommend every 3-4 weeks. Loyal customers who shop with you regularly visit in the hope of finding something new, something that captures their attention and inspires them. Make it easy for customers and showcase your new products in locations in easy to see locations.

2. Think outside

If you can, place some of our ee-i-ee-i-oo characters outside your store – they’re a great traffic stopper!

3. Display the want

Showcase to your customers what they want, not what they need. If customers are entering your store for new seeds for spring planting, display a Clarence the Cow planter in the vicinity to inspire what their spring garden could look like with the new planter addition.

4. Put it into words

Short, sharp and snappy signs quickly communicate the key selling point that captures your customer’s attention. Good merchandising signs will instantly answer what the product is and recognise the key selling factor – whether it is brand, function or trend focused.

5. Tell a story

Any good visual display will tell a story. When designing your display think about what you want the audience to feel and think when they are considering the purchase. Should they be picturing themselves in a garden BBQ haven and wanting to have that experience at home? Display our coolers with fake ice cubes and a few bottles next to a BBQ, so customers don’t have to visualise how it will work – they can see it!

6. The power of three

It is human nature to approach a crowd and find out what has everyone’s attention, the same philosophy can be applied to retail. A product standing alone is easy to bypass, by displaying at least three complementary pieces together you will create an eye-catching display.