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For years it’s been common practise when some commemorates a big milestone at work we hand them a watch or a clock –even though we all use our mobile phones for time checking (well most of the time!) Or perhaps for a wedding anniversary, or big birthday, we all chip for nice cut glass wine glasses – even though I’m sure the person has glasses already, and now, if in receipt of these glasses will be too frightened to ever use them in fear of breaking or chipping them!

Think Outside delves deeper into the Occasional Gift Buyer and why our beautiful and remarkable products make the perfect gift (and it’s not just because they won’t chip or can’t tell the time!)

Occasional Gift Group Buyers refers to when multiple people financially contribute to purchase a significant present for a family member, friends or a colleague. Occasional gifts are usually purchased to celebrate life’s milestones – such as a significant birthday (21, 30, 50, 60 etc.), an engagement or wedding, a house warming or retirement.

As with any gift, especially for a special occasion and coming from a group;  you want it to be unique and remarkable, and something bought for the home will always be able to be used (if not fragile). However you don’t want mass made, it needs to have that special touch and that is where Think Outside is perfect. The unique designs of our handcrafted products allows for groups to buy something that is special and will be able to be cherished forever. Whether it be the ‘Good Oil Buddy Barrel Cooler’ for the newlywed couple that loves to entertain, or perhaps ‘Terry the Tropical Fish’ for the retiring colleague who will have endless time to go fishing. The possibilities are endless.

As the Australian economy is entering a period of uncertainty – we predict Occasional Gift Group Buyers will remain steady and even see an increase as people maximise their collective buying power for gifts that surpass the total of their individual buying power.

Think Outside’s unique and quirky products are prime purchase opportunities for Occasional Gift Group Buyers. Our variety of collections provide unique and different gift opportunities, from the neutral and natural tones of My Piece of Africa; to the bright and eclectic colours exuded by ee-i-ee-i-o.