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Baz the Father Bird – Handcrafted & Recycled – Garden Sculpture

SKU: E11620
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Sculpture I Home Décor I Garden Décor
Baz the Father Bird is a stunning sculpture that will add a touch of cheer and personality to any garden. He is over three and a half feet high so cuts a striking figure on your lawn.
49.3 in (H) x 28.4 in (W) x 14.2 in (D)
125.0 cm (H) x 72.0 cm (W) x 36.0 cm (D)
Weights: 15.4 lbs/ 7.0 kg

Additional information

Dimensions 125 × 72 × 36 cm

*Please note; our artisans loving handcraft each piece individually from recycled and sustainable materials. Colors and shades may vary from the images displayed online. You can therefore be confident that you are investing in an eco-friendly and unique work of art.

1 review for Baz the Father Bird – Handcrafted & Recycled – Garden Sculpture

  1. I feel in love with this bird the minute I saw him at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi MS. Bought and hand carried through airport to bring him to my home. This was May 2018. Unfortunately, he was stolen from my fenced and gated patio just this past week (july 28 – august 1st sometime). I hope to replace him at some point. Hope he bites the heck out the person(s) that took him……

    • That’s outrageous Carolyn! I’m so sorry to hear that. Poor you. 🙁

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