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Aaron Jackson

Aaron Jackson is the award-winning designer and creator behind Think Outside. A multi-talented and passionate businessman, Aaron’s journey and experiences have shaped his life and inspired the creation of unique and remarkable hand-crafted products for people to enjoy in their homes and gardens.

An artisan from a very young age, Aaron has always loved to be hands-on; constructing and creating something new from the old with attention to the finer details, this passion led him into the world of fine jewellery design.

“Our promise to you is to have the remarkable”

Aaron Jackson

A word from the Artist

“Every one of our products is made by hand in a workshop that has transformed the lives of hundreds of people. We value our crafts people’s hands and hearts; they work to create unique pieces of remarkable sculpture, décor and furniture.” ~ Aaron Jackson

  • Decorative Fire Pits & Cast Iron Bowls
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    Decorative Fire Pits & Cast Iron Bowls (24)

    You have an appreciation for outdoor living and we share that passion too! A Think Outside firepit will be a stunning work-of-art in your garden that is not only functional but serves as beautiful garden décor too.

  • Beverage Coolers
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    Beverage Coolers (79)

    Our beverage coolers continue to surprise and delight customers all year round due to their charm and versatility for use at any indoor or outdoor occasion. Each item belongs to one of three categories, Coolers, Tubs and Wine.

  • Furniture
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    Furniture (30)

    Think Outside pieces are handcrafted using recycled materials and provide the perfect balance of style and function. Outdoor entertaining is becoming more and more a part of families lifestyles; people want a comfortable place to relax in style!

  • Pets
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    Pets (40)

    Our pet products are modern, unconventional and fun! The range includes quirky houses for birds, cats and dogs, which guarantee to add a touch of cheer to any garden. Think Outside pieces are uniquely reimagined and lovingly handcrafted.

  • Pots & Planters
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    Pots & Planters (95)

    What better way to display your plants than with a stunning Think Outside planter. We have a wonderful range to suit all tastes, be they quirky or traditional. They make wonderful gifts too, thanks to their vibrant and cheerful designs.

  • Sculpture
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    Sculpture (169)

    Think Outside’s sculptures are carefully handcrafted and designed with impeccable detail. Each piece is recycled and handcrafted ensuring a totally unique work-of-art, that will uplift any home or garden space. Our sculptures have earned a collectable status amongst Think Outside enthusiast.

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“We have a network of stores around the world that enable you to access our products.”

Our Mission

To create remarkable homes and gardens by re-imagining materials into handcrafted sculpture, decor and furniture.

Remarkable = worthy of attention; striking.

Our Values


Working from Aaron’s designs, our Artisans loving handcraft every individual piece. Each item cycles through stages at our workshop, starting with cutting, shaping and welding and then finally onto our special finishing stage, ensuring a unique look associated with our products.


Recycling is at the heart of everything we do. Our ongoing design direction focuses on the use of recycled and natural sustainable materials; be it metal, wood, rubber or stone, we are committed to reimagining amazing new products from used and sustainable materials.


Building a Global community is our ethos at Think Outside. Our artisans are part of the lifeline of Think Outside and we value their skills very highly. Our commitment extends beyond design innovation; our objective is to sustain and improve the lifestyle of all the people who we directly employ.


Due to the nature of using recycled materials and crafting each item by hand it is inevitable that no two pieces are the same. You can be confident that a Think Outside piece is not only a wonderful talking point, but also totally unique.