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About Think Outside

 Think Outside is the creator of remarkable hand-crafted sculptures, décor and furniture for homes, gardens or as cherished gifts. All of Think Outside’s products are carefully crafted and designed with impeccable detail and built with integrity to bring joy into people’s lives.

Founded by Aaron Jackson in 1998, Think Outside has since gone from strength to strength and now employs over 300 people and supplies reputable home, garden and gift retailers across Australia, Europe, Asia and USA.

Since its conception, Think Outside has been committed to creating a global community by up-skilling craftsmen in developing countries, whilst continually pushing the boundaries of art through innovation. The unique pieces within each collection are custom designed by Aaron and crafted individually by artisans in developing countries, with Aaron regularly visiting to teach, guide and support the team.

Today Think Outside’s workshop operates out of Vietnam and is the epicentre of crafting and building the thousands of pieces each year. The workshop has an established and self-sufficient team of upskilled local people with an aim to support the local communities and their economy. Meanwhile, Aaron and the team, at the head office in Sydney, are busy designing and creating new collections, driving the global business forward and spreading the word for Think Outside.

For the first time at Think Outside, Aaron has created a Limited Edition range of super-sized sculptures for those high-impact spaces. Including pieces from both our EARTH and EEIEEIO ranges, these items are inspired by the many natural surfaces found on our planet. These Limited Edition products will delight customers yearround offering style and grandeur that is second-to-none. With the special story of their immense handcrafted details and timeless recycled materials, They will be the highlight of any home or garden.

Not only our premium brand; it is also where it all began. The fun and happy personality of much of this range has earned a collectable status among Think Outside enthusiasts. Derived from upcycled 44-gallon oil drums and skillfully handcrafted, the range continues to bring joy into people’s lives year after year.

Our Salvador collection beautifully embodies styles from a time gone by. Inspired by the rich nature of the city of Salvador, infused with a modern twist. Combining quality craftsmanship and the golden days of design it is a collection that brings a richness to your home. Salvador pieces are handcrafted with love from recycled materials.

Our Carpenters range is handcrafted from recycled hardwood pallets and is a stunning addition to our portfolio. Each item is finished with a timber oil to highlight the texture and provide that luxurious timber-log feel.

This beautiful range is inspired by the many natural surfaces found on our Earth. Each piece embodies organic forms, rich finishes and tells the story of a profound connection Aaron has felt with something he has stumbled across on one of his many trips around the globe. Earth pieces lend themselves to the most modern environments or the homeliest of homes.

Our memories collection beautifully embodies vintage styles from a time gone by. The charming features draw inspiration from the last century and infuse with a modern twist. The range invokes a sentimentality and yearning for the golden days of design. Memories pieces are handcrafted and recycled and will be a stunning addition to your home.

The BARNYARD range is a new and exciting opportunity for our retailers to capture all of the fun and uniqueness that is important in all of our designs. The BARNYARD range is produced in our own workshop in Vietnam, and is based on simpler designs, using a mixture of lighter weight recycled materials, so that we can pass on more favourable prices to our retailers.

With a focus to bring our products to a broader audience, Crafted continues to be the perfect everyday range that offers something for everyone. A broad variety of materials have been utilised for that unique Think Outside look. Already well received, This diverse range offers eye-catching fun that is sure to capture hearts and minds.

Think Outside, and its creator, Aaron Jackson, believe that one man’s success should help everyone, and that’s where the company holds its roots. Unrelenting in their commitment to the local global community, experiencing new cultures, broadening new horizons and seeing the remarkable in the every day, encompasses what the unique brand of Think Outside is all about.

Think Outside – Enjoy remarkable


What we believe

Think Outside’s commitment extends beyond design innovation. We are a company that places a high priority on sustainability. “Our objective is to sustain and improve the lifestyle of all the people who we directly employ” says Aaron.

As Think Outside our ongoing design direction is focused on the use of recycled and natural sustainable materials – being metal, wood, rubber and stone. As always we are committed to creating amazing new products.

With Aaron’s strong guiding influence, we will ensure to maintain and exceed all of our current levels of product delivery and service and follow the company ethos listed below.

We will be kind to the environment
We will prioritise the progress of our staff
We will deliver unique quality products & service to our customers
We will enhance the peoples environment who purchase our product

Our History

The business was founded by Aaron Jackson, a jeweller and artist by profession, on one of his many trips through Africa searching for diamonds. On these trips he found something equally as precious, the natural talent of the African people. With this in mind, the range My Piece of Africa was born.

Driven by a number of factors, the two main ones being the desire to expand our product range into other areas of indoor/outdoor products combined with the constant decline of Zimbabwe’s political and economic situation, we started looking for a new location to expand our operations. Aaron wanted to find somewhere that fitted the same model as the Africa business, that was economically stable, training unskilled or limited skilled people into roles that will give them skills to have earning potential for the rest of their lives. Hence benefiting them and the community around them.

Taking all of these factors on board, Aaron opened up a new workshop in Vietnam. It fit the model perfectly, with a stable economic environment, with still very much a village mentality and style of living outside the major cities.

Our Vietnam workshop has now grown from strength to strength. We have been there for 6 years and expanded 3 times. We now operate out of three buildings and have over 240 staff and still growing!