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Priscilla the Pig Medium

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Our small and medium pigs both come with a chain to really help them fly! This is where the range began! It is an eclectic range of handmade sculptures that is full of fun and character. 100% derived from 44 gallon drums it gives a fresh new look to recycling. “I am fun loving and carefree, I am designed to withstand the elements. I will weather and age in style as all of us should! Enjoy me … ”

Dimensions (inches): 26.8 x 12.6 x 22.9 inches
Dimensions (cm): 68.0 x 32.0 x 58.0 cm

Additional information

Dimensions68 × 32 × 58 cm

*Please note; our artisans loving handcraft each piece individually from recycled and sustainable materials. Colors and shades may vary from the images displayed online. You can therefore be confident that you are investing in an eco-friendly and unique work of art.

1 review for Priscilla the Pig Medium

  1. Super happy with Priscilla! This year “year of the pig” we celebrated by making pigs fly. When I found this piece I just knew it would be a perfect fit for our home gallery. Suspending her from the ceiling was the easy part, finding an appropriate outfit wasn’t so easy. Finally after customizing an S&M bondage outfit with a shiny red apple ? for a gag ball I believe we achieved something special. Thank you kindly! ?

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