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What Is Quivers?

Quivers provides a full ecommerce solution that gives us the ability to support our retailers with something many of them struggle with, to sell online. Enabling new marketplace opportunities, Quivers links Think Outside orders made on our website with our retailers local to the consumer.

Retailers simply download a Quivers App on their phone, computer or any/all smart device and when a sale occurs in your local area a notification is sent out. Retailers will have the opportunity to claim and fulfil the order instantly.  If no one locally claims the order then a wider net is cast and more retailers are invited to claim the sale.  The Quivers timers are designed  to give a fair and equal opportunity to all retail partners, while still keeping the consumer experience in mind.

How Does Quivers Work?

  1. Think Outside captures the sale directly with consumers online using an embedded shopping cart that is managed by Quivers. This makes it easy with us covering all the payment and security concerns one gets with online shopping.
  2. Retailers are invited to join our programme (Market Place)
  3. Retailers simply register as a user by providing their business details and sending a connection request to Think Outside to confirm they would like to join our Market Place.
  4. Retailers download an app and receive a notification on their smart devices when a sale occurs. The first retailer to ‘claim’ the sale can fulfil the order.
  5. As orders are placed on our website, authorized retail partners will be notified on a first come, first serve basis. After the sale is claimed the customer is notified about the retailer who will fulfil the order. Once the order is filled the designated retail component of the sale will automatically be submitted to the retailers nominated account.

In summary, we generate consumer sales online and pass them onto our retailers to fulfil! It’s that simple! Our retailers generate sales without having to invest time and money into marketing strategies. You don’t have to understand E Commerce but it now means you are not just a bricks and mortar retailer, enabling you to reach new customers you may not have accessed otherwise.

Why we chose Quivers?

Think Outside’s fan base is growing at a rapid pace and as such we are contacted everyday by consumers asking how and where they can buy our products.  Despite our retailer network, we are not accessible to consumers who do not visit garden centers and gift shops.  The number of people finding our products online and contacting us directly is growing.  We direct them to their nearest retailers of course, but as we all know, there is a limited time to capture a sale, so sending people away to buy offline drastically decreases the chances of capturing that sale.  The Quivers platform allows consumers to easily order online but still generates sales for our local retailers at no cost or effort on the part of the retailer!


After creating Quivers account and signing in, simply follow the instructions from the video to connect to Think Outside Brand.