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Creating and Designing Your Space with Think Outside


It is such a wonderful thing to see a gem emerge during such challenging times.

Aaron has worked together with our wonderful distributors in South Korea to create what can only be described as a simply outstanding lifestyle venue. Combining Art, food and drinks into a sought-after venue for South Korean people to meet and enjoy each other’s company in a magical environment. Aaron Jackson worked hand in hand with Mr. Kang and his team to complete the opening of his Gallery and Café. This is the first time we have had a customer purpose build a premises purely for our products.


Our owner and creative designer behind Think Outside, Aaron Jackson, originally met Kang at an art trade event in Japan over 4 years ago. Mr. Kang felt in love with Think Outside at first sight and was amazed by the unique design and craftmanship of Aaron on so many different pieces. It was our pleasure to have him become our sole distributor for South Korea, supplying retail stores with a wide variety of our products. His passion for our sculptures continued to grow and Mr. Kang decided to combine his passion for our artworks with another dream of his to open a coffee shop. However, this is no ordinary dream and no ordinary coffee shop.

55 Gallon was born as a lifestyle destination.

This is the huge project with lots of reputations on the line. After several conversations with Aaron, Mr. Kang decided to come over to Australia for a week and spent time touring some of Think Outside flagships stores and working through the details of the concept. Many months of hard work went by and finally we were celebrating the grand opening of 55 Gallon in July 2021. It is almost 2000m2 across 3 levels of the most amazing spaces, completely designed from concept to final construction to create a special place for people to meet and enjoy time together in a creative space, eating and drinking amongst our artworks with the opportunity to take a piece home.

  55 Gallon is fast becoming a must visit destination in South Korea.

55 Gallon takes an industrial theme by highlighting the exposed architecture like pipes and ceiling beams, incorporating the metal accents and the use of tough utilitarian materials, which ultimately works perfectly with Think Outside products.

At the end of the day, our goal is to sell you a lifestyle and not just a typical product. Check out the whole Think Outside collection HERE and get it delivered to your door now!

Our Mission

To create remarkable homes and gardens by re-imagining materials into handcrafted sculpture, decor and furniture.

Remarkable = worthy of attention; striking.